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Being a new screenwriter can be hard.  You have that burst of inspiration, a story that NEEDS to be told...but what do you do next?  If you are like me, and my first Feature film script, I stayed up all night writing a messy outline with half written scenes, and ideas and characters, some dialogue...it was a messy but exhilarating start.  But that messy draft sat awhile - a year in fact.  Eventually I went back and filled in all the dialogue and scenes, and it felt pretty good...but there were areas that weren't quite there...so I set it aside...for 2 years.  Can you relate?  Do you have scripts and ideas, that could be finished by now...but have been sitting for years collecting dust?

Would it help if you had a daily kick in the pants to put your butt in the chair and write?  It sure would help me.  That is the first thing I want to offer you here at One Crazy Story.  Each morning, I'll send you a Daily Brainstorming kickstarter, to get your mind into a creative state.  Once you are in that creative mode, you can transition to your current project and keep putting the story on the page.

I'm still a pretty new screenwriter, and that first script is now actively being re-written.  I have other scripts that are also in the works.  As I go forward in this adventure, I'll let you know what stuff I am doing that is working and what isn't working.  I may blog about it, I may share tips I learn in classes, I may share books or articles that interest me.

For now, take a quick look at my Daily Brainstorming Section, you may just find something priceless there.  Something that I offer that No One Else DARES to give...and I am giving it for free.  Check it out...The freebie there, could inspire your next Million Dollar script sale.

Then sign up for my daily brainstorming, and weekly screenwriters newsletter.

One final note before you go play on that Daily Brainstorming section and get signed up for my daily kickstarters.  In this business there are lots of dull ideas that get written, and bore Producers and audiences to tears.  When you find that great idea, don't let it collect dust...Do everything you can to sit your butt in that chair and write it...because the world doesn't need another crappy script...The world wants your One Crazy Story.

Jason Steele

One Crazy Writer

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