Daily Brainstorming

Word of the day is Mana

Todays word of the day is Mana,

Which inspires the words:



Magical food












---------Those words inspire these 10 loglines---------

A Muppet movie following the character who sings Manah Manah, after his one hit wonder song has lost traction, and now he is playing dives, losing his career, family, and even his crew…will he ever get back to the top?

During a magic show a magician makes a woman disappear…but instead of falling into a trap door, she actually magically disappears leaving behind a sticky ecto-plasmic, magic goo in the disappearing chamber, now the magician must follow her to another dimension to bring her back.

A failing stage magician fights to stay relevant, and interesting in a world where tv and youtube magicians use digital effects to make their tricks look spectacular.

A man trades the shirt off his back to a charlatan for a bottle of cola that he is told contains a magical elixir.  Everyone thinks he is an idiot, but when he drinks the beverage and it gives him unusual powers, his friends take note…and take cover.

Aliens attack Mount Olympus, the gods put up an epic fight, but can only win, if they trust one particularly normal human being to save them.

The cornucopia, horn of plenty, is found in a cave…it is actually full of food that has survived un harmed since ancient times.  Scientists begin research on the object…can they replicate its food protection technology?

The gods sit in Olympus playing humans like pawns and pieces on a chess board, who will win today?

Using his chi to move things with his mind, a Chinese shopkeeper is  offered fame and fortune to move to America, but upon accepting, he must deal with culture shock, and a media team that won’t let up.

Tantalus steals the food of the gods – ambriosia, and is forced to suffer for the treachery.

Aliens abduct a woman during a stage show in which she was to be cut in half.  Is she safer in the alien ship?

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