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Todays Word of the day is Rust


Todays word of the day: Rust

Rusty cars







Military vehicle graveyard

Post apocalyptic


Risky landmine


Iron bacteria



Leaky boat






---Here are the loglines inspired todays words---

A redhead kid named Rusty becomes angry with being called a ginger, and sets out to get revenge by using WD40 as a blowtorch to kill people – Horror/dark comedy

While exploring a forest in Belgium, 3 teen boys find the graveyard of abandoned vehicles that soldiers left behind in World war 2, touching the vehicles they imagine what life would have been like in the 1940’s

A broken man is given an auto repair shop that was abandoned 40 years ago…inside there is a beautiful classic car, that just needs a little TLC, each time he rapairs something on it, another minor problem crops up…during the months that he pecks away at repairing the car, he also begins to get other repair business…and begins to regain confidence in himself, by the end of the movie, the townspeople revere him, he respects himself, and the car finally runs.

In a post-apocalyptic mad max type society, one man finds an experimental military jetpack and begins to deliver food and medicine to those who need it, and a good asswhooping to those who need that too.  Think the Rocketeer mixed with post-apocalyptic.

A military patrol finds a 10 year old boy trapped in the middle of a minefield in Syria, in an area about to be bombed…the boy refuses to come out, but seems all too willing to direct the soldiers in…is it a trap?  90 minutes in real time…as the soldiers choose to risk their lives for the boy…or let him die.

An old ex-Nazi, Hiding in America for 70 years, tells the tale of his life as he tried to make up for the atrocities he participated in.

Ten modern day Nigerian pirates in the middle of the ocean suddenly find their boat leaking and sinking.  They have no radio, no life rafts, and only one hour until the boat will be completely under water…oh…and there are sharks circling.

The story of a century…shown by men who are using the same wrench over the period of 100 years, building cars in the new ford motor factory, then building tanks for WWI, then Tanks in WWII, then working in an automotive shop in the 50’s, a plumber in the 60’s, and on and on…different people different careers, different lives, same wrench….

A plague of iron bacteria gains enough consciousness to begin oozing around rusting vehicles, and girders and beams in buildings, even airplanes midflight.  B-movie horror.

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