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Todays Word of the day is Pie


Todays Word of the day is Pie





Meat pie

Pot pie

Pi 3.14……

Never repeats



Hot and fresh





Flat as a pancake

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Willy Wonka 2:GloopBerries -  Willy Wonka gets pissed off at all the entitled ‘I want everything’ brats in the world and releases a candy that turns every entitled brat in the world into blueberries like augustus gloop

In a twisted time travel comedy – a scene where Newton has baked the ‘gravity apple’ into a pie and is doing the “American Pie – Pie Scene”.

After seeing his lover humiliated by homophobic hillbillies, a drag queen dons a hairpiece made of wax fruit that actually contain ninja weapons, and starts a tour across north America killing homophobes on her route to the final showdown at Westboro Baptist church.

A superintelligent Autistic youth who can recite back 1000+ digits of pi, is recruited by the CIA ‘Childrens Intelligence Agency’, to track the leader of a gaming team who they suspect is hacking games for free gemstones.

Russell Brand plays coolest man in the world, he is hired to teach a loser billionaire how to be cool so he can win the heart of his supermodel high school crush. 

A comedy porn series with the classic porn scenes – pizza delivery, milkman, plumber etc… showing up and making the dumbest excuses to suddenly bed the lady of the house.

A “Office” type webshow based in a 24 hour pizza by the slice place.

A pie baking company’s dough rolling machine breaks down while filling the biggest order of their lives…so they rent a massive steamroller to flatten the dough in the parking lot.

A little boy band called “Apple Pie” becomes famous very quickly…soon they are soothing the stresses of fame with all night fruit loops and captain crunch binges, and their manager is forced to deliver streams of young girls to their room so they can put frogs down their shirts.

A Dancer/Actress from Kansas feels she has made it when she lands a role as dancing “Cherry Pie” in a Mama’s House of Pie’s commercial.   She moves to LA under the pseudonym Cherry Pie, and is smooth talked into becoming a Porn Star. 

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