Daily Brainstorming

Word of the day is Vasectomy

Todays word of the day is Vasectomy

Words inspired by the word of the day:

No condoms
Vas diffrense
Slight pinch
Local anesthetic

-----Loglines and concepts-------

A man set to go for vasectomy acts just like a dog getting the same procedure - pulling against leash, runs back into house, whines during drive, dragged into Doctors office, drag butt on carpet back at home.

A man injects his brain with large amounts of local anesthetic reduces his feeling and friendliness, making him a cold killer. After repeated uses his brain develops multiple personalities, that flip at random. One a sensitive, caring, loving, feminine individual, the other a cold killer.

A surgeon sterilizes POWs while simultaneously taking samples of their sperm for a program of creating ultimate soldiers. Years later one soldier returns to fight for freedom of his son, a child soldier indoctrinated into their dark soldier program.

A man gets a vasectomy so he can enjoy sexual freedom, but all the women in his life want babies...so he ends up alone.

A man runs out of condoms before bedding the worlds biggest superstar. He tells her he is sterile, but impregnates her. This is his story as the stay at home dad/spouse to a superstar.

After pulling her into a mud pit in a tug of war, a man starts a relationship with the woman of his dreams.

A pick up artist successfully beds a woman and dumps her the morning he is to go for a vasectomy...then finds out, she is going to be his surgeon.

On St Patricks day, a guy pinches the bottom of a female co-worker friend for not wearing green...but when she turns around, its not the person he thought it was...it is his boss...and she LIKED it.

Title "Baby-Daddy" Inspired by his dream of being a pornstar, a man gets a vasectomy...but his latent vas diffrense becomes active the day before the boldest porno ever made..."The guy who slept with every woman" in which over a period of 3 months, he is contracted to have sex with every female pornstar in the business...he impregnates every single one.

horror thriller - A woman castrates men who pretend to believe in safe sex, but then conveniently find they have no condoms when they are about to have intercourse.

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