Daily Brainstorming

Todays Word of the day is Beard

Word of the day – Beard






Santa Claus


ZZ Top

Cool Look

Tony Stark

-------todays loglines------

Suburbanites fight to the death as they chase a lawn gnome, who has come to life and has a beard that will grant 1 wish to the person who find him and shaves it off.

A carnival bearded woman feeling degraded, leaves her performing job, to search for the son she gave up for adoption at birth, she finds him doing degrading drag queen shows in West Hollywood.


Image by jack odiamonds via Flickr


3 Aliens with ZZ Top beards and sunglasses, plan to take over the earth by impregnating women with their super alien DNA…unfortunately they are such bumbling fools that wooing women is practically impossible.

A Motorcycle gang enforcer must take over the role of Santa Claus, after a mistaking Santa for a non-paying client, and killing the jolly old elf.

On his deathbed, the leader of an outlaw motorcycle gang, asks that his gang members provide round the clock care for his elderly, dementia wife…The men accept the job but regret it when they find out what a handful she is.

A Good-looking, charismatic, well loved Superhero, loses his self esteem and self confidence, when he begins to grow ugly, stinky, hair all over his body and face.


Image by Corey Ann via Flickr


A homeless man’s beard gains sentience and eats the homeless man, turning into something like cousin Itt from Addams Family…The beard continues to each other homeless people like “The Blob”.

A lumberjack working in British Columbia, begins to accept that he would be more comfortable as a woman, and gets a sex change.

A scruffy looking puppy shows up on a families doorstep and refuses to leave, they take the dog in and have many adventures with “Scruffy”

A suave hipster bartender with a very cool looking beard, beds women, makes men jealous, and is just plain awesome…until he is imprisoned for accidentally selling liquor to and bedding a minor (who misrepresented herself as being 25 years old).

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