Daily Brainstorming

Todays Word of the day is Itch

Today's word is itch

Itchy and scratchy show



Chicken pox


Meth user











Squeaky wheel gets the grease


Flaky scalp


Swimmers itch

Side effects

Dry skin

---log lines---

A baby is going to be amputated when her swollen leg begins to cut off circulation and become a health risk...but her grandmother used natural healing mixtures and rituals and removes a large bunch of spider eggs from the leg.  (True story - I know a girl who was the baby in this story)

 Kids movie about a kid who begins to turn into a chicken after getting chicken pox, she must travel to a magical kingdom and find the cure before she is fully transformed.

Drama following a young businessman who tries speed (meth) to stay awake longer, he becomes addicted, homeless, friendless, and addicted to multiple drugs...then claws his way back out with the help of a woman he spurned years earlier for being a bleeding heart who will never do anything of value.

Several co eds partying on a beach one night ignore the "warning swimmers itch" sign and swim anyway...but what they catch isn't just an itch...it's a virus that turns them into swimming zombies...title: zombeach.

When an Android begins to develop a peculiar itch, it is assumed by his creators that it is a malfunction in his programming…but the glitch is actually caused by skin and nerves that he has designed himself as he tries to make himself human.

A slick businessman begins to sell dandruff flakes taken from unbathed homeless people, as the latest and greatest cure-all.

A man is caught adjusting his “family jewels” before a job interview, and does not get the job, this causes him to create happy balls…a a pair of underwear that is perfectly designed to cradle any mans equipment, and keep it comfortable and relaxed in any situation…he becomes a millionaire selling fancy underwear.

A gunfighter with an itchy trigger finger accidentally shoots the love of his life when his gun misfires…now he must make amends to the womans father by doing everything the old man asks…the pair learn lessons about life, love and forgiveness during this epic life-spanning film.

A Man cuts off an ugly mole from his neck, and throws it in the garbage…but the mole grows into a furry animal Mole, and grows by eating garbage…eventually garbage doesn’t quell his hunger…he wants to eat people.

A rock musicians roommates posts a video of him on the internet admitting that he has itchy balls following a one night stand.  The video goes viral, turning the unknown rocker into an overnight social media superstar.

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