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Daily Brainstorming

Welcome to Daily Brainstorming.

Some mornings it is hard to get yourself started, and into a writing frame of mind.  It's easy to get distracted by other things in life.

To help you get on track, I will send you a daily creativity kickstarter.  I call it simply Daily Brainstorming - One word - Take it and use your favourite Brainstorming method to get your creative juices flowing.  Then, with your mind in a creative state...Jump into your daily writing.

Each day I post my word of the day on Facebook, Twitter and through Email, as well as a link back to this page.  On this page I include the 10 loglines I wrote based on the word of the day.  If something I have written inspires you...Take it and use it!  Steal it...with my blessing!   My only stipulation, is that you don't get too uppity if others also borrow the same idea and write something too.  Ideas on this page are free for everyone.  If you do create something cool, feel free to mention you found the idea here, and/or send me a copy...but it is not a requirement to do so.

If you want to receive the daily brainstorming word, to help get you to your writing desk and into the "write" frame of mind, simply sign up at the links on this page for email, facebook, or twitter reminders, and I'll send it by whatever means you choose, each and every morning.


Jason Steele

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