Daily Brainstorming

Todays Word of the day is Volcano

Word of the day – Volcano




Virgin sacrifice

Dust cloud

Blocked sunlight


Molten rock








Express anger

Intense heat

Oooga chaka

--------Todays Loglines---------

While exploring the ruins of Pompeii, a documentary film team notices that some of the statues…are actually modern people…They learn that each night, a dark force turns another person into a statue…and their crew is top of the hit list. 

New Yorkers must try to escape as a magma build up under the city threatens to destroy them all.

For the last 100 years on the night of September 5, a fraternity has sacrificed a virgin to help focus their brotherhood and maintain their good fortunes…this year, the name of the virgin has leaked out…but instead of fleeing, she is going to spend the night killing 100 fraternity members, one for each year the ritual has been in existence.

A massive dust cloud begins to terrorize a small town, chasing people and choking them to death.

Slave diamond miners in Africa rise up to fight back against the multinational corporation that is exploiting them.

A deep sea exploration team goes down into the deepest crevasse in the earth, with wild speculations about what they might find from aliens to civilizations, to massive sea creatures…but they find nothing.

A coal fired power plant fights hard to stay active as nuclear and river dam plants take over the business, but when a nuclear plant melts down and evaporates all the water supplies for the river plants…the little coal plant that could, gets a second chance at life.

A wrestler named “The Volcano” is known for his explosive anger, and often goes off script during matches.  They would fire him, but he brings in audiences. When he kills another wrestler in a match, and the ratings for the program triple overnight…decisions get even messier.

A small group of child molesters start a cult group that lures young girls, who are then kidnapped and sacrificed to a volcano.

The largest eruption ever on the sun literally shoots a ball of lava 10x the size of the earth, off the sun and sends it flying towards earth.

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